Global Reconciliation Network

News from SER-Foundation                                                                Sept. 2016

Dear Friends of Reconciliation and Peace!

For many years the S.E.R. Foundation has called to build a network for reconciliation and peace, offered a platform to register projects and has awarded outstanding projects in a solemn ceremony.

The Foundation´s Action Plan for reconciliation aimed to foster the MDGs of the United Nations. At present the Foundation is undergoeing a process of reviewing in which way it will continue the engagement for reconciliation under the SDGs (UN´s Social Development Goals). We will inform you on the outcome on this platform.

Meanwhile, the S.E.R. Foundation plans to evaluate the projects that registered within the Foundation`s Action Plan if any conclusions can be drawn more generally on what brings about reconciliation and peace and if critical steps within the process can be identified. On this subject, all registered organisation/persons will be invited to join in the evaluation work within the next 6 weeks.

As the networking will continue and we also plan to award reconciliation projects in future, please, feel invited to register your projects of 2015 and 2016 on our platform.

We are very honoured by your interest and participation in the work!

Register your reconciliation projects 2015-2016 at our new email address reconciliation@ser-foundation.org

More on our previous work

The Foundation considers reconciliation as a general principle for human development towards peace in all areas of a society such as health, environment, social activities and education, economy, religion, culture, science, and politics. Reconciliation starts with us and spreads out to our families, friends and neighbours, includes our work, as well as the relationships between organizations and companies at a national and international level.

Between 2005-2008 the S.E.R. Foundations organized an annual worldwide reconciliation week, taking place every year.
Since 2009, the year that the UN proclaimed the “International Year of Reconciliation”, it has organized a network for reconciliation with an invitation to continue with the Reconciliation Year. The S.E.R. Foundations presented the projects to officials of the UN on various occasions. From 2010 onward, the S.E.R. Foundations awarded outstanding reconciliation projects that implement the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from different perspectives, in a solemn, award giving ceremony in the presence of a special guest of honour