Today, the challenge confronting the United Nations (UN) is how to focus its international vision and iconoclastic perception in the pursuit of a new global order.

By proclaiming  a Decade of International Reconciliation Year, the UN shows the core upon which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) will be pursued:  by magnanimity in action, by enlightened diplomatic leadership and statesmanship.

“The Millennium Challenge: Human Reconciliation,” as the path in attaining enduring peace and security, fraternal and cultural togetherness, economic and political sanity, will be as rallying idea to move the human community into higher quality of life.

Herein lies the way democratic ideals will be realized, when the sovereign people participate vigorously in translating their dreams into working reality; when they reconcile various differences and conflicts, opinions and beliefs, ethnical and racial differences, themselves.

The Reconciliation Philosophy as an inspiring idea within which social and cultural dialogues, political and economic matters, educational and religious values will be distilled in the realm of high-mindedness; and, eventually design for themselves the strategic and operative art sustainable peace and development amidst “unity and diversity” will be fulfilled. Indeed, it is a philosophical synthesis to bring opposite ideas together. After all, the well-being of the Human Community is indivisible.

As it is, the UN SDGs is a monumental program. To gain added strength and relevance in the implementation process, the emphasis should be its reconciliatory and complementary character. This connecting quality should likewise be the mobilizing call on all concern: UN Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Organized Societies, Religious Institutions, Schools and Universities, Media Organizations, into cohesive working units:  to act as reconciliatory instruments for a better world.

For these reasons, among others, the Foundations for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R., respectfully propose International Reconciliation Decade  –

“Sustainable Peace Through Reconciliation.”