In 1996 the S.E.R. Foundation Germany was founded and recognized as a public foundation of civil law by the Government of Lower Franconia with its registered office in Würzburg.

The Foundation is a non-profit, interdenominational as well as politically neutral non-governmental organisation.It respects the uniqueness of each individual and esteems the diversity of different spiritual and cultural paths andadvocates a peaceful dialogue between people, cultures and religions/faiths.

The S.E.R. Foundation fosters projects which actively practice understanding and reconciliation between different cultures and faiths, such as Kinderhilfe Wesel e.V., Holy Child Program HCP, Beit Sahour PNA, Dar Al Kalima, Bethlehem, PNA as well as lately the publishing of the book “ELLES, un Hommage aux Oubliées” by Christine NTAHE a report on the Peacewomen of Burundi.

In 2003 the promotion of child and adolescent projects and the commitment for reconciliation and peace resulted in obtaining the consultative status “roster” with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Since 2006 the foundation has been associated with DPI (Department of Public Information). Due to the continuous international engagement for reconciliation, the foundation gained the next higher consultative status “special” with ECOSOC in 2008.In the same year it became a member of the NGO Committee of UNICEF.

Between 2005-2008 the S.E.R. Foundations organized an annual worldwide reconciliation week, taking place every year.

Since 2009, the year that the UN proclaimed the “International Year of Reconciliation”, it has organized a network for reconciliation with an invitation to continue with the Reconciliation Year. The S.E.R. Foundations presented the projects to officials of the UN on various occasions. From 2010 onward, the S.E.R. Foundations awarded outstanding reconciliation projects that implement the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from different perspectives, in a solemn, award giving ceremony in the presence of a special guest of honour

The support of the aims of the United Nations has become a main focus of the foundation’s work.